Monday, May 30, 2011

June First Friday.

This coming Friday, June 3rd, we are presenting a double feature.  At 7PM, we're hosting Time Hitler and the Assholes from Space, Dan Malloy, and More Humans brought to you by Cloud Entertainment ($5).  At 10PM, Phantasmagoria Circus is back with another side show performance ($7).  See both shows for only $10.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

An Evening of Books and Noise 2...Tonight, May 22nd. 5PM-8PM.

May's installment of a monthly noise show at the book space in Fishtown. Sunday May 22nd Starts promptly at 5:00 because Jazz night starts at 8:30

Antler Piss
Savage Relatives
People Skills
Cloud Dweller

With DJ Dubins spinning tunes in between bands.
donations appreciated

Jazz Jam Sessions have moved back to Thursday nights! 8:30P-12:00A.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saturday May 21st, Monthly Anime Screening. 6PM.

Friday May 20th at Bookspace.

8pm / $5 / All Ages

Pomo Agogo
Philly blue folk music, mix of The Decemberists and Led Zeppelin

This is Harwood
Harwood is a three piece Acoustic (but we get louder) Folk/Classical act based out of Baltimore, MD. Band Members include Grietje Smid (Violin), Mike Walls, (Cello, Bass, Slide Guitar), and Matt Kelley (Lead Vocals, Guitar, HArmonica, Violin).

Boat Water
folk, acoustic, rock, slow jamz, "chicago style emo?"

Dom Angellela
Philly local 

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Spinning Leaves & Hezekiah Jones Record Release Show

Friday, May 13th at Bookspace!  It's going to be memorable, do whatever possible to come out and have an awesome evening!

8pm // All Ages // $12 admission (includes a copy of the new record)

Featuring performances by:
Hezekiah Leaves and The Spinning Joneses // The Extraordinaires // Nic Esposito // Joshua Park // Josh Marcus

...The Spinning Leaves + Hezekiah Jones =

“The planet is plagued with disconnectedness and music can be a large part of the cure,” declares Barbara Gettes, co-architect of the natural, personal sounds belonging to The Spinning Leaves along with fellow bandmember, Michael Baker. Igniting a fiery revolution for unity through music, The Spinning Leaves establish this spark through a masterful connection with the lilting, ethereal vibes of fellow local Philadelphia artist, Hezekiah Jones (the musical nom-de-plum of Raphael Cutrufello). This highly anticipated collaboration entitled “The Spinning Leaves & Hezekiah Jones Performing as… Hezekiah Leaves & The Spinning Joneses” is set for release through Drexel University’s MAD Dragon Records on March 8th as a dual EP. Part one (the first seven tracks) is Hezekiah Leaves which soulfully generates an eccentric wit while Part Two (the second seven tracks) presents The Spinning Joneses which explores contemplative thoughts of “fear, sadness, and the continued wonder of it all,” as Gettes describes.

“Cutrufello’s songs are filled with outlandish characters, imagined landscapes, ringing harmonies, and baroque instrumental flourishes, but never disconnect from the tangible feelings at their center,” describes Peter Marinari of CBS Local. Gettes’ instant attraction to these distinguishable qualities of Cutrufello’s craft paralleled by his admiration for her own unique flair were what initially planted the seeds from which this collaboration ultimately blossomed. Gettes and Cutrufello met for the first time in the summer of 2006 in a local park and began what would become the first of many symbiotic jam sessions. They then immediately shifted to performances together at the various open mics throughout the city.

In October of the same year, Gettes then came across southern transplant, Baker, at her own birthday party and shortly thereafter, the pair embarked upon what could only be deemed as a predestined journey which also started in a park. From that moment on, Baker and Gettes have consistently created tunes incorporating a high-spirited and undaunted mix of gang vocals, stomps, and horns including instrumentation such as the sitar, oud, pump organ and even the delicate whispers of children. The Spinning Leaves’ sounds are as organic as that very park in which it all began.

Faithful to the hope of building bridges in the folk community through the use of music, this new collaborative album showcases an enchanting blend of various personal and communal relationships. Each track encapsulates the essence of “bohemian folkster” Cutrufello along with Baker’s small-town, authentic talent and Gettes’ undeniable passion. Easily considered by many the epicenter of Philadelphia’s burgeoning folk community, The Spinning Leaves & Hezekiah Jones together founded The Philadelphia Folk Parade. Quickly becoming a powerful force for the folk community, The Philadelphia Folk Parade consists of a rotating lineup of over 40 of the area’s best musicians and has already been featured in Philly Weekly, 6ABC’s “Tuned In”, has been showcased on the main stage at the 2010 Philadelphia Folk Festival, and most recently received an Honorable Mention in the City Paper’s “Big Vision Awards.”

As Hezekiah Leaves & The Spinning Joneses, the trio will share their mesmerizing folk prowess as an enjoyable keystone for the inevitable conception of the new, roaring folk era that has already captured the attention of music folkies all over.

With pop-rock meets folk music sensibilities, and purely artistic stage antics to match, the Extraordinaires are known for putting on shows that are both musically captivating and visually entertaining. Sean Moeller of describes The Extraordinaires’ music as “bumping, cheerful arrangements that run the gamut through early Flaming Lips psychedelia, via albums like ‘Clouds Taste Metallic’ and ‘Transmissions From The Satellite Heart,’ to bright and sparkly pieces of pure pop that feel like pizzeria cabarets and exploding rainbow tales.”

Nic Esposito is a storyteller, writer and urban farmer in West Philly. When he's not digging in the dirt he works on his community story telling project, Philly Corner Stories. At monthly story salons, Philly Corner Stories inspires those in attendance to find their story telling voice and share some of the great tales of living in Philadelphia. Nic also speaks and writes on the topic of urban sustainability and has just recently released his first full length fiction novel Seeds of Discent.