Bookspace is a project that is comprised of two parts:  books and space.

First, we are a used bookstore filled with nearly 100,000 books.  We have been selling online since 2002 and we opened our warehouse to the public in 2008.

*Please note, we are doing some renovation type work on the bookstore, which should be back open soon. We have to put a temporary hold on events until we sort some things out with the city.* (we'll be sure to update when we have some more info)

Over the past few years, our space has been evolving into more of an art and cultural center of sorts as well:  hosting art shows, local musicians, theater groups, readings, film screenings, yoga, weekly jazz jam sessions, private parties, film and photography shoots, chess nights, art installations and aerial acrobatics. 


We are always in the process of categorizing, organizing and setting up displays for our books.  Since we are a small operation of a few with close to 100,000 books, we can always use an extra hand.  If you love books, have a little extra time and would be interested in helping out a bit, please email Mike at dipros1@gmail.com.

Donate your books!

Do you have books that you no longer want and would hate to throw away?  We gladly and appreciatively accept all book donations.  Feel free to drop them off during our business hours, or if you have a whole lot to get rid of, we might be able to arrange to come pick them up.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact bookspace09@gmail.com.