Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tonight, June 18th: Brian Medlin/The Water/The ground is Lava/Speed Skating/Slant of Light

All Ages! // June 18th  8pm // $7 // BYOB!
Address: 1113 Frankford ave.

Brian Medlin/The Water/The ground is Lava/Speed Skating/Slant of Light

...Brian Medlin (of The Minor Times and Person L)
Brian Medlin plays drums for Person L, a band fronted by Kenny Vasoli (formerly of The Starting Line). Brian also plays drums for The Minor Times and is a founding member of Ghost Away, where he sings, plays keys, guitar, and drums. He also writes and records solo acoustic music. A few of his influences are Radiohead, Thom Yorke, and Bob Dylan.

The Ground is Lava
The Ground Is Lava has been an idea since January 2008, but we started actually working on it in the fall of 2009. We're trying out new ideas in our music and exploring new influences. We're doing things a little differently and it's working out, so far.

The Water
The post-rock duo's lush and thunderous live show does more with two musicians onstage than most bands two or three times their size, with the help of a suitcase full of effects pedals and a dazzling DIY light show. With Dan Cohan switching between drums and guitar and James Klink juggling guitar and keyboards, the duo pile on layers of loops and beautiful overlapping tangles of melody and polyrhythms. Building each song up and tearing it back down with linear song structures and ingenious arrangements, The Water transcend predictable soft-loud-soft dynamics but almost always reach a euphoric crescendo, often accompanied by a flash of color from the strange obelisk of light that stands center stage.

Speed Skating
Speed Skating is a noise-pop 4-piece from Philadelphia. Often loop-driven, sometimes layered, and sometimes spacious, the group always keeps ambient sonic textures and a pop sensibility at the forefront.

Slant of Light
Slant of Light started anew in early 2010 as a three-piece consisting of an acoustic and electric guitar, drums and plenty of vocal cords. While the three members hold very different musical tastes individually, together they blend rock, Americana, bluegrass and folk into original songs influenced by the likes of Tom Waits, Devil Makes Three and Wolf Parade. The group released their first full-length LP “Treading Water” in November 2010, where they dedicated their focus to harmony, thoughtful arrangements and emotion that many fans can relate to. Since the release, Slant of Light has continuously played shows around the Boston area, including The Burren, The Lily Pad, Precinct, and Church. The group is currently working on their third album, which is sure to add energy and depth to upcoming live shows.

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